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Parajuru - Soul´s Embrace Single
Soul´s Embrace
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Camaa, Iris
Iris Ruiz Machado

1150 Wien,  Beitritt: 19.07.2003, letzte Änderung: 21.11.2018


Künstlername: Camaa, Iris
Ort: 1150 Wien
Land: Österreich
E-Mail: office(at)


Hello everybody, a percussionist is part of a recipe adding spice and life to the music. In this sense Iris Camaa spices up the music with a lot of chilly in her grooves and at the same time touches the audience with her soulful and natural voice, her positive energy, her glow she exudes on stage and her love for the music. It is no big surprise that the Carinthian artist has called her first album "Chameleon". She loves to change her appearance all the time as well as her musical repertoire.

Since she was six she could not imagine a life without rhythm. At that age she started to sing in one of the traditional choirs in her country. Dancing and the voice as an instrument fascinated her and compelled her in her studies to understand the power of music in it's rawest form. She worked as a choreographer and dance teacher and shared the stage with incredible people on shows that included Michael Jackson and Dionne Warwick. After a trip to Brazil she started taking private percussion lessons with Brazilian, Cuban and African drummers (Laurinho Bandeira, Jose Ritmo, Fernando Paiva) as well as vocal lessons with Hubert Tubbs, Peter Doss, Cassandra Voughn and others. The combination of her singing and playing percussion have all come together in a joyous outpouring of pure creation from Iris. She invites us to experience with her the sensations of music flowing through her to her audience and back. She also uses her voice as a percussive instrument like her drums. She has created a new style called "JRS" (jazz, rhythm and soul) combining soulful music, with Cuban and Brazilian rhythms, voice mantras, groovy jazz riffs and soul voicings. Her songs and lyrics are composed by her. Some people say that she is like a ray of sunshine that brightens up the music and lights up the stage. When she is performing you can be sure that her music is full of passion, sensitivity and groove peeps...

Vocal – Instrumental – Komposition...

Referenzen: Studio+Live: Tangerine Dream, Alexander Goebel, Wolfgang Ambros, Andi Baum, Hansi Lang, Pacheco, Iris Camaa & Band, Harri Stojka, Ivan Ruiz Machado, Hubert Tubbs, Uwe Kröger, Shayan Fathi, Laurinho Bandeira, Celia Mara, Count Basic, One Night Band
Referenzen: Studio: CD Iris Camaa Chameleon, Iris Camaa Souls Embrace, Iris Camaa: Straight from the shoulder mit Tangerine Dream, TD La Divina Comedia (alle 3 Teile), Celia Mara, Hubert Tubbs, Pacheco, Alexander Goebel live; Dennis Jale, On the beach 1 und 2, Joni Madden, Wolfgang Ambros, Andy Baum, Hansi Lang, Denise de Macedo



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