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1070 Wien,  Beitritt: 14.10.2021, letzte Änderung: 17.01.2022


Künstlername: DisasZt
Ort: 1070 Wien
Land: Österreich
Telefon 1: +43 (0)676 712 19 78
E-Mail: disaszt(at)


Drum & Bass has come a long, long way since its 1990s roots as a UK-born (and dominated) form of dance music. In 2017, D'n'B can truly be called a global movement, and it's in Austria, where one of the most vibrant and self-sufficient drum & bass scenes can be found right now (alongside Brazil and New Zealand, of course). Much of this is down to one man – Daniel Fuerst-Zoffel, better known as DisasZt, undisputed key-player in Austria's Drum & Bass scene, thanks to over 15 years involvement in almost every aspect of the culture.

Originally beginning as a DJ, in 1998 Disaszt formed the Bass Infection Crew with fellow Austrians Phazes and Dom.n.k and began to pick up bookings across Austria. In 2001 things stepped up a level for DisasZt; his first foray into production, ‘Get It On’, was licensed to Austrian D&B compilation ‘Inside Aut’, while he commenced organizing parties across many of Austria’s cities. In 2002, DisasZt began his Mainframe events at the Viennese WUK Club, the popularity of which led to a move to the massive 2,000 capacity ARENA venue. 2006 saw DisasZt begin Zoo club, billed as a ‘melting pot for urban culture and music’, and the following year saw the launch of his ‘Basscity’ series of events, designed to give exposure exclusively to Austrian artists. Since 2011 he's been staging the yearly 'Mainframe Open Air Festival', with massive Line-ups and several thousands of attendees a day.

In 2008 Mainframe mutated from a long-running clubnight into one of the most respected D&B labels based outside of the UK, Mainframe Recordings, known for discovering and pushing Camo & Krooked and numerous other talents such as Fourward or Dossa & Locuzzed, and receiving widespread support from the D&B scene’s elite and Radio 1 DJs such as Friction, Annie Mac and Mistajam.

Meanwhile DisasZt switched his attentions to his studio productions, collaborating with Ram Trilogy legend Shimon for AudioPorn and setting the wheels in motion for the arrival of his 2011 LP ‘Shadow & Lightning’, ten years after his debut productions.

Since then he had numerous solo releases as well as collaborations with the likes of Trei, MC Coppa, Mindscape, Chris.SU and High Maintenance, just to name a few, and among them chart hitters like "Rumours" (with Shimon and MC Coppa), which has been featured on Viper Recordings' "Summer Slammers" series, "Till the Sun Comes Up" (from Audioporn's "Transitions LP") which has gained massive airplay on Australian Radio, or the more recent "Scarface" or "Trojan Horse". Tunes like these, alongside his flawless mixing skills and hi-energy performances, have yielded him prestigious gigs all over the globe, from South America to Japan, and on large scale events like "Sun and Bass" or "Let it Roll".

Vocal – Instrumental – Komposition...

Komposition, Arrangement, Musikregie
Referenzen: Mainframe Recordings, Camo & Krooked, Fourward or Dossa & Locuzzed, Friction, Annie Mac and Mistajam.


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