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9150 Bleiburg,  Beitritt: 02.01.2008, letzte Änderung: 11.08.2017


Künstlername: Thetimetraveler
Ort: 9150 Bleiburg
Land: Österreich
Telefon 1: +43 (0)699 126 53 467
E-Mail: cigar(at)


Gerhard (Gary) Leuc, geb 1957 in Aarau Schweiz. Aufgewachsen in Melbourne Australia. Bandleader TheTimeTravelers. English: I grew up in Melbourne Australia. When I was abaout 6 years old I would watch the Beatles cartoon show on TV, where all there somgs were included. The AM Radio Stations would play top40 songs all the time so I would listen to the radio all the time. When I was sixteen I bought my first guitar on "Lay Buy." That meant I would pay a certain amount weekly and when it was fully payed for then I could pick it up. The House of the rising sun was the first song I learnt and soon I was singing and playing a guitar with my brother and sisters and friends(we were 7 kids all together)
I firmly believe that all types of music can be good or not so good. If it can move you emotionally then it's good. That's why I play Rock or blues or ragaee or whatever else I feel like.
TheTimeTravelers play music that can make you happy, put a smile on your face, let you sing along or just, "sit back and enjoy the music",

Gary TTT

Vocal – Instrumental – Komposition...

Gitarre E&A
Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez Folk Guitar, wrath amp, danaudio cool cat, voodoo lab analog chorus

Referenzen: Studio/Live: TheTimeTravelers



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