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Strange Fruit (Abel Meeropol)

Sybil Amber

1020 Wien,  Beitritt: 19.03.2019, letzte Änderung: 21.04.2022


Künstlername: Sybil
Ort: 1020 Wien
Land: Österreich
Telefon 1: +43 (0)688 640 22 548
E-Mail: muzak(at)


Sybil (guitar, bass, vox) grew up in Vienna. Her dad Otti played with the Barrelhouse Jazzband. When she has peace of mind, she connects to muzak whatever she sees, hears or feels. She gets it from pictures, emotions, actions and more things in this world, because of synesthesia. So, she collects sound memes since years, and listening to muzak reminds her of situations producing sound memes. Each human being produces sound memes while being.

Clearly, Otti influenced her with his Jazz and Blues since birth. One of his aims was to find muzak of African descent, unheard or unplayed until he found it, and Free Jazz. Sybil began to play classical guitar in 1971, sang soprano and alt in the school choire. She performed with Johnny's Band 1980, then played with a little fashionable shniky - shnaky band called The Yorkshire Terriers, and later on with The Razorblade. She studied Music Science a little, she will acquire some musical certificates.

So, having had heard much muzak of all kinds in many years, she concludes again to what she found out when she was small: This world is Jazz, and everything else has to be defined. Music for instance, or pictures. Whatever. There is God, then is Jazz. God makes Jazz, is the truth, and since centuries human beings are studying God's Jazz. Sybil has a more holistic view of Jazz, you see. When she was three, she understood that farmer's jazz is called Volksmusic, and Mozart Jazz is Classical Music. She did not know, she simply thought all is Jazz. Music was for her something she didn't know.

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Vocal – Instrumental – Komposition...

Gitarre E&A
Fender Stratocaster

Referenzen: Live: Konzerte
Scarlett Studio CM25 MkII
Focusrite Studio Bundle 2i2 2nd Gen
Boss BR-80

Referenzen: Studio: The J. E. W. S.
Live: Konzerte

Referenzen: Studio: The Razorblade
Live: The Razorblade
Sprache, Schauspiel
Focusrite Studio Bundle 2i2 2nd Gen
Boss BR-80

Referenzen: Studio: "Poems For Humanity" (2019)



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