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Letzte Änderung: 30.08.2004

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Weitere Ensembles


WAVES are:

Milos Dodo Dolezal - guitars, bass, programming
Wolfgang Süssenbeck - keyboards, vocals
Wolfgang Rathgeb - drums and percussion

The project WAVES is undoubtfully attached to two names in the music scene.
One is czech´s most famous guitar player and producer DODO, who has produced well over hundred projects and bands throughout his homecountry over the past years, selling over 2, 5 million copies of several albums. He studied guitar playing on the GIT in Los Angeles and since then has a constant cooperations with american musicians. Among the people he cooperated with on various albums, you can find sound engineer Tom Fletcher, guitarist Guy Mann Dude, drummer Shane Galaas and bass player Barry Sparks, both Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth and MSG, drummer Gregg Bisonette and more. Among the foreign bands he produced and / or worked with in his own HACIENDA Studio in Czech Republic, there can be found acts like DARKSIDE, SKULL CRUSHER, UNDERTAKERS and many more. DODO is a fan of analog recording and human sounding music, but of course he is open also for all new recording and sound technologies. In WAVES, he is responsible for all guitars, bass, drum samples and production of the album.
The second member of this project is WOLFGANG SÜSSENBECK of the band DARKSIDE from Austria. He did release three albums as the keyboarder of DARKSIDE and played several european tours with them. He takes care of the keyboards and samples on WAVES as well as of the promotional concept.
On their first album, which was recorded in various sessions this spring, they were joined by drummer WOLF of the Austrian band SKULL CRUSHER. Together they worked out 8 songs, which have one main theme – WATER – the album is almost totally instrumental music with a wide-spread range spanning from heavy metal like riffs over blues to somekind of psychodelic approach to some parts and finally including acoustic guitars combined with techno beats and lots of atmosphere throughout the tracks. The most important goal was to create something vivid, atmospheric, instant without a lot of "real" songwriting. Most of the tunes were created just on a beat and jamming onwards to let have the songs a very original, somehow "magic" touch. The final mixing sessions took place in the end of November 1999, after WAVES had already done some songs for various tribute sampler for the well-known american label DWELL RECORDS, amongst them a cover version of the DEATH tune "Crystal Mountain" as well as contributions to other albums. The two members of WAVES would like to point out, that the project is not restricted to anything. There will be no live appearances or pics of the bandmembers as well as the musicians to join DODO and WOLFGANG can change from time to time.
WAVES will record a further song of their own to be published exclusively on their soon to be homepage on the net, a song for all people, who are interested in the project. This song will not be available on any record! ! !


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