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Rens Newland solo - ACOUSTIC DAYDREAMS

Letzte Änderung: 15.11.1999

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1. Dutch Daydream
2. My Simple Story
3. A Beautiful Name
4. Kittiwakes In Trembling Blue
5. I´m With You
6. Country Impressions
7. If Life Would Be That Simple
8. Bright Stillness
9. Restless Beauty
10. Fasan Steps
11. The Water Falls


Andere, Electric Jazz, Funk, Instrumentalsolisten


(JIVE MUSIC JM-2014-2)

Das einzige akustisches RENS NEWLAND-Album „ACOUSTIC DAYDREAMS“ entstand 1996 als erste Produktion in seinem "Crazy Man Studio":

In the beginning of the year 1996 I found, the time had come to eventually make an „acoustical“ album!
For years and years I played the acoustic guitar again and again in studiosessions and often a couple of tunes on concerts.
But now I wanted to make a whole album with beautiful stories, I like to tell and pictures I like to describe.
As I found myself in the situation of just having brought my homestudio to a fine quality, I decided to take time and make a „house“-recording.
Here is the result: An aesthetic and „easy“ selection of some of my favorite originals:
DUTCH DAYDREAM - about my fatherland-Holland, dedicated to my parents,
who both had 70 years in this year!
BRIGHT STILLNESS - when you just hear the silence.
MY SIMPLE STORY - sometimes things just aren’t so complicated.
FASAN STEPS - for an interesting exotic bird.
A BEAUTIFUL NAME - dedicated to the people-especially the ladies -
who are lucky to have names, that melt on your tongue.
KITTIWAKES IN TREMBLING BLUE - seen on a warm, clear day.
I’M WITH YOU - actually I’m a romantic person, words you like to hear
and you like to say.
COUNTRY IMPRESSIONS - living more or less on the countryside of Vienna,
I had to do this.
IF LIFE WOULD BE THAT SIMPLE - sometimes things are complicated.
RESTLESS BEAUTY - she’s like a young animal.
THE WATER FALLS - natural motion into music.

enjoy it!

Rens Newland

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