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At the heart of the Matthew Marth Quartet’s music and story is diversity. Each player hails from a different country, and brings his own unique personal and cultural nuances to the overall sound and feel. In many ways, the quartet’s music is its common language, and the players have found a way to shape that language to express both their individual uniqueness and their shared experience of energy, community, motion and emotion.

The relaxed spirit of classic bossa nova and cool jazz is the foundation for the quartet’s musical sound world — which translates into a kind of transparent minimalism set against a rich harmonic and rhythmic background. Brazilian jazz provides the source for most of the quartet’s grooves, which are often freshly combined with other grooves such as R&B, post-bop and funk to create a new hybrid — another example of how diversity comes into play.

The quartet focuses on original repertoire by front man Marth, but also puts its own spin on classics from the Brazilian jazz songbook. Drawing on many musical sources, Marth’s original tunes bear his unique stamp of lyricism and romantic lushness contrasted with quirky turns and angles, often with an almost cinematic approach to the musical narrative.

In concert, the quartet sculpts an atmosphere of chilled-out vitality​ that gives listeners a chance to catch their breath while riding the colorful waves of sound.


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