Chira, Andreea

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Künstlername: Chira, Andreea
Ort: 1100 Wien
Land: Österreich
E-Mail: info(at)


"The young Romanian Andrea Chira receives the legacy of the greatest Simion Stanciu, the first soloist who played this instrument to perform and record virtuoso repertoire of Vivaldi, Marcello, Mozart mostly with "I Solisti Veneti" under the baton of Claudio Scimone." []

Andreea Chira is a young and talented panflutist from Bucharest. Born into a family of musicians, her interest for music was given to her as a gift in her cradle. Even as a child she revealed her love for music and the wish to undeck all the secrets of this musical instrument. Her talents was got discovered at the age of 11 from Prof. Stelian Coman from the Palatul National al Copiilor Institute. Encouraged by her parents to advance into her musical carrier, she started taking lessons at the Dinu Lipatti Music School in Bucharest – specialization panpipe from Prof. Cornel Pana.
Andreea was fascinated by the Panpipe from the first moment. Three years later she won the National Olympic Competition in Romania. This was followed by participations in National Olympic Competitions, music festivals as well as national and international contests. In spite of her early age she was (worked already working) with Orchestras like Doina Dunarii, Doina Bucuresti and Romanasul and had performances in Korea, Portugal, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and Austria.

Vocal – Instrumental – Komposition...


Referenzen: Studio: CD bei MCP / Roland Baumgartner
Live: Pygmalion Theater Wien, Staatstheater, Bamberg, Freistadt (D), Schweinfurt, Korea, Portugal, Tschechische Republik, Frankreich, Belgien, Italien, Türkei, Österreich


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