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Christine Jones

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Jones, Christine (Mag. Christine Jones)
Riemergasse 14/31, 1010 Wien
Telefon 1: +43 (0)1 512 21 7512
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Sängerin & Komponistin von Jazz, Blues und anderer Musik
Christine Jones, musician, art teacher and galerist, is a singer who cannot be labled. She toured around the globe for many years and worked with people as Dexter Gordon, Leo Wright, Eugen Cicero, Pony Poindexter, Nathan Davis, Kenny Clark, John Stubblefield, Carmell Jones, Walter Booker & Jimmy Cobb.

Count Basie was so fascinated by Christine's voice that he gave her a letter of recommendation, but she is no Jazz singer. She toured with Memphis Slim & Willi Dixon but she does not exclusively sing the blues. Some of her songs are catchy, but she is no Pop singer.

Her music, interpreted by Austria's best jazz musicians, integrates all contemporary sounds. She sings her own compositions with complex intensity and you feel electrified by her unique expressivity, accompanied by the powerful sound of her formation jonesmobile. Her daughter Stella Jones is a great representative of Funk, Jazz, Blues & Hip Hop.

christine jones voc
stella jones voc
thomas böröcz dr
harry putz b
paul fields violin
peter schrammel keyb, accordeon
aaron wonesch p

YEDERMANN PRODUCTIONS Vienna is an association integrating various art forms, especially contemporary art, dealing with all forms of INTERMEDIA & INTERART in a social-cultural context, e.g. fine art, music, dance and literature. Working with artists such as Christian Ludwig Attersee, Hermann Nitsch, Daniel Spoerri, Christo, The Fluxus Movement, Freibord ...

YEDERMANN PRODUCTIONS is a forum for happenings, performances, environments and events. Furthermore YEDERMANN PRODUCTIONS is affilated with VERY SPECIAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL, Washington, USA: Mrs. Jones is a member of the VSAE Directors Board.

Director of the KUNSTKANZLEI VIENNA, Austria,
Ambassador of the Republic of Kugelmugel to Austria.

our activities: author-composer, label, production - our directions: jazz, blues, classic, electronic


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