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Beat of Wings is founded by Aline Kristin Mohl (AT) and Jelle Warendorff (NL)
BoW’s music surprises with high quality electro rock: electrifying beatz combined with intense me- lodies.
The new dubble album 'As Water Turns To Gold' will be released in 2013.

With brandnew songs the live set transform the electro pop from their debut album ‘To Whom It May Concern’ to a rougher energetic rock concert.
The second, more quite side, will be offered in an unplugged set called 'BoW naked'.

Beat of Wings is existing since 2009, the first CD was released 2010 and presented at the WUK (AT).
Since then concerts in Austria and Europe had been played. The greatest success so far in concerting/booking was a Mexico Tour with 4 concerts in front of 4000 people.

Beat of Wings is not signed yet.


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