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Peter Czak started his label Czak Recordings in 2004 featuring a broad variety of electronic music including Deep House, Techno and NU-Disco, as well as Dub, Ambient & Downtempo and Experimental Improvisation.

Over the last years Czak Recordings has released over 50 tracks worldwide, with airplay on national and international radio stations such as FM4 and There are also several licences for Movies.

Even famous colleagues like DJ Makossa (Makossa & Megablast; FM4 head of music, G-Stone, Swound Sound: "Sao Clash has proven well on our Brazil Tour") and Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble: "The track Trankil is very well produced.") appreciate Peters work.
In the last years Peter Czak is producing experimental stuff with
Philip Quehenberger and Bruno Pisek.

Besides his work as live musician and producer, Peter can also be found DJing or playing "live acts" at Vienna's most important club locations. His style is best described as playful, rhythmic and deep, with a good sense for the right atmosphere when it comes to DJing.

Even in his school days, which he spent in Europe (Hungary-Budapest, Switzerland-Bern, Germany-Bonn and Austria-Vienna), Peter dug deep into electronic music, studying music production at Lukas Schwarzenberger (Vienna), drums at Courtny Jones (Trinidad) and django swing & latin jazz guitar at Ernst Molden (Vienna) and Franz Bodi (Budapest).

All Peter Czak tracks can be found on all the relevant Digital Music Portals such as i-tunes or Beatport. You can also blocked an email and order a DVD with all released Peter Czak bundeled tracks in .wav loosless high quality audio for € 35,- shipping worldwide.

You can find Peter playing live synthesizers and e-guitar at free-jazz/avantgarde and expermintal sessions at Marco Eneidi‘s Neu New York Vienna Institute of Improvised Music Celeste Partys.


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