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Lateinamerikanische Musik


When creating an order to the songs, we realized that the order of the sounds and the mix of our compositions tell a story, a story that is pretty similar to both of ours.
We decided to go far away from our own homes to experiment what life could be like in other parts of the world, what life is like far away from our roots, our "context".
We learnt a lot, we worked a lot, starting from the bottom again, we suffered a lot, we found a lot of friends, wonderful people, and people to avoid too.
Perhaps those feelings and experiences are in some way expressed in our compositions, the mix of influences, languages, our reality, at least they reflect the last few years.
We met each other in Vienna, Austria, a few year ago and at a point when we were having similar experiences. Perhaps the same risks we took are in some way expressed in our music as well.
We are presenting you the result of these last two years of our internal and external movements, part of what they and we generated in ourselves.
We hope you enjoy it!

Enrique and Daniel
released November 4, 2014

Daniel Mesquita (Acoustic and Jazz Guitar)
Enrique Thompson (Tenor Saxophone)

Ivar Krizic (Double Bass)

Matheus Jardim (Drums) 

Recorded, Mixed and Masterized by Georg Luksch in Home-Music Studio on August and October 2014 in Vienna, Austria.

· Artistic

Cover Design: Paulo Martins Bastos
Picture: Untitled #6967 by Mikhail Evstafiev

Production: Enrique Thompson & Daniel Mesquita


All songs composed by Enrique Thompson except "La Em Casa" by Daniel Mesquita and "Liberdade Total" by Daniel Mesquita and Paula Barembuem. All the songs arranged by Enrique Thompson and Daniel Mesquita.

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