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Journey to Ixtlan

Letzte Änderung: 21.08.2016

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Erscheinen bei: Apolys Music
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Bestellnummer: 341667
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Alternative, Jazz, New Age/Instrumental, Weltmusik


Composed and performed at the very moment, live in concert, by Dick Sells & Julian R. Horky, recorded in Vienna 1984.
Digitally remastered, edited and revised 2015 by Robert Julian Horky at Apolys Music Studios.

Journey to Ixtlan is for the unlikely, but effective combination of flute and electric bass. Horky (a musical associate of Heinz Strobl, aka Gandalf) performs on the modern transverse flutes (bass, alto and soprano), plus Chinese and Indian flutes, accompanied by Sells on the electric bass and Tibetan temple bells. Their music is improvisational, and while it is in the same basic category as Paul Horn, their music is not as saccharine sweet...... By employing studio effects and using the flute to create sounds like the wind, Horky exploits their cultural heritage, using proper techniques and inflections (bent notes and the like). Together, the two performers manifest the proper musicianship which enables them to avoid stooping to insipid new-age cliches.
--Dean Suzuki

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