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Eleven Ways To Remind The Past

Letzte Änderung: 27.11.2013

Angelegt von


Erscheinen bei: RollDog Records

Bestellnummer: RDR 11.001-1
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Rest Here In Peace
It's Got To Be
Hold Me Tight
Dreams Of Gold
The 70ies
She Blows My Mind
How Distance Falls




Eleven Ways to Remind the Past is the much-anticipated second full-length from Austria’s SONORA.
Formed over ten years ago and still boasting three founding members, SONORA rocks ferociously and treads softly in all the right places. The strong sense of dynamics and narrative held by Saby Cheek (vocals and acoustic guitar), Oliver Vendl (electric guitar), Hartwig Krebitz (bass), and Florian Strobl (drums) is in evidence on every track.
Long-time fans of this resilient and road-worthy band will delight in this cohesive oeuvre. New listeners will also find themselves captivated, then hooked by the songs and musicianship on display.
Eleven Ways to Remind the Past can be considered a concept album of sorts.

Even before a single piece was composed, the vision was there for a collection of 11 songs to be released on 11/11/11. SONORA can now congratulate themselves on accomplishing their goal of celebrating the once-in-a-century date when songwriter Litschka’s favorite number is repeated three times.

“All these 11 songs tell a different story of having a broken heart, being in a desperate love or of being desperately in love,” says Cheek. “Very autobiographical…well, that’s my style. I cannot create stories, they had to have happened.”

Each of the musicians fully utilizes the expressive possibilities of their chosen axes. They push the boundaries of creativity and engage in sonic explorations within the indie rock genre.

Florian Strobl’s drumming provides heartbeat and thunder. Together with Hartwig Krebitz’s sometimes pulsating, sometimes warbling basslines, a rhythmic foundation is laid throughout that is both solid and interesting.

Saby Cheek showcases her impressive vocal and emotional range and control like never before. Her acoustic guitar figures delicately enwrap a powerful voice. The writing brims with cryptic yet strangely accessible poetry as well as melodic and harmonic surprises.

Like a fine painter, who after careful and meticulous renderings of still life objects then breaks free from the strict rules of classicism, guitarist Oliver Vendl proves again and again that he is a master of blazing, searing leads alongside more experimental sounds. Whatever the song demands!

From the gentle opening strains of “Rest Here in Peace” to the final feedback fade of “Drivin’, Eleven Ways to Remind the Past is a unified statement from a confident band- sure of its identity and boldly stepping onto its path to the future.

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