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EXCELLENT - A tribute to Joe Zawinul

Letzte Änderung: 21.04.2015

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The CD starts with an homage to Joe Zawinul in the form of a biography, referring to the most essential facts of his life, emphasizing what an important genius he is. It is followed by the cycle „The Muses“ - a number of allegoric female characters who represent the highest degree of inspiration for an artist and composer.

PELE - allegory of the divine passion - without this spark nothing is going on. If she’s not involved, it is just boring.
KALI represents the beginning and the end. We ‘ll never be able to realize this mistery… the brilliant intro of a song is as important as its thrilling ending.
BAST is the muse of the female independence. With her carriage, led by cats, she rides over the skies.
AERACURA - the flourishing takes place after the inspiration has started.
RHIANNON is a sorceress who unites all the shades of a mature female personality. This implies an incredible power, never used in a negative way (except you treat her badly… haha).
FREYA - pure female boldness “like a young heroe“ (Celtic & Germanic roots). She is a fighter but as well able to celebrate and amuse together with her sister.
MAWU - the black African muse, allegory of Mother Earth, being also a shaman (the shaman drum and song are played and sung by the composer herself). Our mother Earth hides incredibly rich treasures and opportunities.
KALI 2 is an instrumental version of Kali.

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