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Coming originally from Turkey but now calling Vienna home, Tugba & Cagri deliver hauntingly exquisite songs that are as dramatic as they are beautiful. The artists fell in love with the music they make to such an extent that they became husband and wife, and their songs display all the magnificent emotion that unfurls from their personal journey.

Both are classically trained and have experienced great success from an early age. Tugba has been performing as a soloist and as a member of choir ensembles since the age of nine. After moving to Vienna, she was mentored by acclaimed opera singer Yelda Kodallı and Peter Svenson.

Cagri Beklen’s accomplished career spans several decades too, with his musical influences ranging from classical to jazz and rock guitar. He has also won several prestigious awards including the Direklerarası Audience Award, The 5th Yeni Tiyatro Dergisi Award and Üstün Akmen Theater Award in the Best Theater Music category for his compositions.

Performing together as Tugba and Cagri and making energetically arranged jazzy pop music, they are a dynamic duo, who not only fly on the wings of their own love, but who swoop down and seize an unsuspecting audience in a soul-drenching embrace. They are the bridge that connects the values of tradition with contemporary music. Where the beauty of their Turkish heritage combines with the pop and classical sensibility of Vienna and beyond. Overwhelmingly talented, Tugba and Cagri are the beauty we all crave and the love that we all cherish.

Jay B McCauley
(Switched On Music)


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